Many of you have been following my quest to find the perfect bar cart for my humble home on the Kansas prairie (just across the river from the great city of Kansas City, MO). I have found many contenders but just haven’t pulled the trigger on committing to one yet.

I think I may have been going about the search all wrong – it is a wall mounted bar I need not a rolling cart. Well, this is just because I have fallen in love with the Loll Wallbanger Bar I found from the fine folks at Horne.

About the Loll Wallbanger Bar from Horne: “All Loll Design products are made from 100% recycled high density polyethylene (plastic milk jugs). Since 2005, Loll Designs has kept over 18 million milk jugs out of landfills. The Harvey Wallbanger was invented in the 1950’s by world champion mixologist Duke Antone. This wall mounted bar is named appropriately after his famous mixed drink. Designed with Darin Montgomery of urbancase, the Loll Wallbanger is intended for outdoor cocktail parties. A hinged panel door doubles as a work surface and interior magnets hold it closed when not in use. Although you can cut right on the poly door we include an Epicurean Handy Bar Board for slicing limes or whatever. The interior will store bottles and a built in shelf will hold tools, glassware, and other bar tending equipment. Cheers!”

Find the Loll Wallbanger Bar from Horne here.

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