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So yeah, it is November, and we have had some pretty cold nights out here on the Kansas Prairie (just across the river from the great city of KCMO) and my container garden is still producing – just a few ripened on the vine tomatoes and a few green ones I harvested just to be safe – and still a few betters going. This most likely will be the last yield of the season – but you never know.

FF: The Champagne Ketchup from Victoria Amory

You just think you have tried ketchup if you have not yet tried the Champagne Ketchup I found from the fine folks at Victoria Amory.

About the Champagne Ketchup from Victoria Amory:

“Inspired by the flavors and aromas of the bubbly and elegant Cote d’Azure, this full-bodied ketchup brings the traditional flavors of my kitchen to your table. Crafted with premium ingredients like champagne vinegar, sweet roasted garlic, freshly pressed olive oil and a perfectly balanced blend of spices to elevate your everyday meals into everyday feasts. Impress your family and friends serving this delicious Champagne Ketchup with fries, meatloaf, burgers, sliders, seafood and sandwiches. Everything will taste… better!”

Find the Champagne Ketchup from Victoria Amory here.

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FF: Mama O’s Original Premium Kimchi

From the very traditional ketchup (albeit with a twist) to the trendy (and growing in popularity in these parts) kimchi… you have to try the Original Premium Kimchi I found from the fine folks at Mama O’s.

About Mama O’s Original Premium Kimchi:

“The original Napa cabbage kimchi made with fish sauce. All-natural and full of probiotics, Mama O’s Premium Kimchi is the perfect way to spruce up any meal or enjoy all by itself!”

Find Mama O’s Original Premium Kimchi here.

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