FF: The Aprons from Hester & Cook

It is that time of year when we are spending a lot of time in the kitchen and with the big holidays coming up you can’t afford to mess up your fine clothes so an apron is in order – like one from the great apron collection I found from the fine folks at Hester & Cook.

About the Aprons from Hester & Cook:

“Cotton flour sack aprons feature our hand-screened designs that compliment any kitchen. Made in the USA. The apron size is approximately 30 x 30″ and has hand sewn red ticking. Order is for a single apron.”

See the Apron collection from Hester & Cook here.

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FF: The Leather Aprons of Christophe Pourny

For those of us that need something more heavy duty or perhaps more masculine, there are the Leather Aprons I found from the fine folks at Christophe Pourny.

About the Leather Aprons of Christophe Pourny:

“A leather apron is one of the most traditional symbols of an artisan’s workshop. Carpenters, blacksmiths, & craftsmen of all kinds have worn aprons for protection while working for centuries.  Made from supple leather, Travaux En Cours aprons are as good looking as they are practical and protective. Regardless if you are sawing wood or cracking eggs, the apron is a perfect accessory. Adjustable snaps and long waist straps make for a perfect fit.”

Find the Leather Aprons of Christophe Pourny here.

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