I don’t drink many cocktails, well none actually, as I prefer my liquor, when just bourbon, neat. But I love the idea all the fixins’ that go along with cocktail culture, including bitters. I never thought I would ever really use bitters until I was told that a splash of bitters in soda water makes a nice little beverage. Since I drink gallons of soda water and seltzer every day I figured I should give bitters a chance. (Wasn’t that a John Lennon song?). Well there are plenty of bitters out there in many different forms and flavors, which makes the Bitters Collection I found from the fine folks at Brooklyn-based Cecil & Merl the perfect way to try them out.

About the Bitters Collection from Cecil & Merl:

“Since it is too hard to choose just one, get them all! Our Bitters Collection provides pure and distinct flavors for your cocktails and your cooking. Whether you are following a recipe or creating your own. This collection can also enhance the flavors of your favorite desserts, soups, smoothies, teas, and vinaigrettes. Simply add to soda water and enjoy as a digestif. Our bitters are handcrafted in small batches in Brooklyn using only natural ingredients.”

The bitters from Cecil & Merl come in a variety of blends including Cherry, Apricot, Cucumber, Lemon Ginger, Turmeric

Find the Bitters Collection from Cecil & Merl here.

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