There is a long history of folklore surrounding gravy boats in my life – something about my Aunt forgetting to serve gravy with the turkey one year and another misguided gift from a friend – long stories for another time. But with the biggest gravy day of the year coming up next week, it is a good idea to have a nice way to serve it, and there is no better way to serve your Thanksgiving gravy than with the Pewter Stoneware Sauce Boat I found from the fine folks at Juliska.

About the Pewter Stoneware Sauce Boat from Juliska:

“From our Pewter Collection – A great finishing touch for your Pewter Stoneware collection, our sauce boat has a lovely silhouette and is perfect for your most decadent sauces and mouthwatering gravies.”

Find the Pewter Stoneware Sauce Boat from Juliska here.

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