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This is a gratuitous post allowing me to show pictures of my sister’s lovable and adorable puppy, Lullah (right).

I had the opportunity to hang out with her over an extended Thanksgiving weekend at the family Lodge in New Hampshire and took a few snapshots.

I love this one of Lullah out and about with just a bit of snow and some evergreen branches – which was all totally random – but lead to a nice representation of the season at hand. I recommended to my sister that she use this picture as a Christmas card, and I think she very well may do that.

Meanwhile, don’t you just love those little front paws?

See? I told you – totally gratuitous.



A while back my brother and sister-in-law gave me a copy of The Bourbon Tasting Notebook by Susan Reigler and Michael Veach and I have not put it down since. As a self-professed bourbon aficionado, I realized I did not know too much about the fine spirit and needed some guidance, and The Bourbon Tasting Notebook was the perfect primer.

About The Bourbon Tasting Notebook by Susan Reigler and Michael Veach: The Bourbon Tasting Notebook is an essential logbook for any bourbon enthusiast. With a record amount of bourbon whiskey aging in warehouses and visits to Kentucky’s bourbon distilleries topping half a million annually, it is obvious that bourbon is enjoying unprecedented popularity. This logbook will give the bourbon lover the perfect way to track their samplings, with over 200 featured brands. Authors Susan Reigler and Michael Veach sampled every brand featured, documenting the flavors, tastes and smells they experienced, along with the proof, age, type, style, mash bill, color, price, nose, taste, and finish for each bourbon, and full-color photos of each bottle for easy reference. They did not assign ratings, letting readers make their own determinations. The bourbons are also indexed by proof and style, along with a checklist so each person can keep track of what has been sampled and record his or her preferences.”

With new distillers coming out with new bourbons all the time it is nice to have a record of what you have tried and what you like – The Bourbon Tasting Notebook helps you do that and gives you an idea of what you have left to try. So many bourbons so little time.

The Bourbon Tasting Notebook by Susan Reigler and Michael Veach is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.