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Another quick snapshot taken while back in New Hampshire for the Thanksgiving weekend. I took this shot while leaving dinner in Portsmouth at the great Oar House – the sun setting in the west as seen across Portsmouth’s famous Market Square.

I have never been a huge fan of kitschy art in the vein of Dogs Playing Poker, but every now and then is see a piece that just makes me smile – like the Man Bites Dog print I found from the fine folks at Houzz.

About the Man Bites Dog print from Houzz:

“Fun and funky art and laughter is good for your soul! On this particular piece, an acrylic overlay has been hand applied. The acrylic dries with a textured feel and look. It is then framed to size without glass in a deep brown moulding. Comes ready to hang and was hand assembled in the USA!”

Find the Man Bites Dog print from Houzz here.

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