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I have an embarrassingly large collection of things featuring monkeys wearing a fez. For the Christmas season I am going to start a side collection of monkeys wearing Santa caps – like the Kay Bojesen Monkey with Santa Cap I found from the fine folks at Horne.

About the Kay Bojesen Monkey with Santa Cap from Horne:

“The classic Kay Bojesen Monkey is now being offered with a painted beech Santa’s cap – sure to spread Christmas cheer among the whole family. The cap is 5.6 cm tall. The accompanying elastic ensures this little Santa’s cap sits snugly on the monkey’s head. With its status as a design classic, this much-loved monkey makes a great gift. Give it together with the Santa’s cap and create some extra Christmas cheer for the festive season. The Santa’s cap comes in a little gift box.”

Find the Kay Bojesen Monkey with Santa Cap from Horne here.

So you probably don’t smoke cigars, you may even find them objectionable, but they are having a little bit of moment right now. As a result of the cigar’s renaissance, you may have someone on your Christmas list who may appreciate a personalized gift (or monthly subscription) from the fine folks at Good Cigar Co.

About Good Cigar Co.:

“We curate the best cigars and deliver them in a beautifully designed, humidity-sealed package with everything you need to light up: a cutter, matches, tasting notes, and two cigars (because you should always bring a spare).”

Another cool offering from Good Cigar Co. are customized packaging for your event – think bachelor parties.

Learn more and visit Good Cigar Co. online here.

I have a great set of side plates with various Christmas season images on them that I look forward to digging out and using every year. I also like adding to the seasonal collection with new pieces, like the Reindeer Games Party Plates I found from the fine folks at Juliska which are just fun.

About the Reindeer Games Party Plates from Juliska:

“From our Country Estate Collection- When it comes to the holiday season, we say, let the games begin! And these sporting fellows are your ideal party guests – elegant, dashing, and vividly entertaining – able to triumph in any setting, from serving appetizers to desserts.  A heraldic shape and ruby border frames these regal reindeer, whose artful illustrations are as unique as they are charming. This all-star set features: Comet, Dasher, Rudolph, and Vixen.”

Find the Reindeer Games Party Plates from Juliska here.

See all the great items for your holiday table from Juliska here.

I found the perfect item to dress up your bar for the holiday season – the Antler Ice Bucket from the fine folks at Mercantile & Co.

About the Antler Ice Bucket from Mercantile & Co.:

“A proud ice bucket for your bar. Two exquisite elk heads embellish opposite sides as they mount against the glass like a wall. Be sure to shop the rest of our antler collection to pair along.”

Well, the perfect thing to jazz up your holiday bar or the perfect Secret Santa gift if you happen to draw Gaston’s name this year.

Find the Antler Ice Bucket from Mercantile & Co. here.

See all the inspired gift items from Mercantile & Co. here.

Access to tools and skills to the best path out of poverty – that is what the fine folks at Street Business School are doing, providing education for women to build their confidence and transform their lives.

About Street Business School:

“Tested and effective, Street Business School combines business training and mentoring in a world-class program, empowering women to launch businesses, increase their income and transform their lives.”

Learn more about Street Business School and how you may support them here.

GIFT WE WANT: The Vinyl Rocket Jukebox from Crosley

About the Vinyl Rocket Jukebox from Crosley:

“The unique rotating vinyl mechanism holds 70 records and can play both A and B sides (140 selection). The Jukebox features a revolving title rack that allows you to easily select your favorite record and our label magic software enables you to create your own labels each time you update the machine with your favorite vinyl. Record selections can be made directly from the button bank on the machine or via the remote control that also controls the volume, shuffle play and record reject. The vinyl Rocket incorporates a Bluetooth receiver giving you the ability to stream digital music from any compatible device and has auxiliary outputs, input and additional speaker connections. Great sound is guaranteed from needle to ear via our D4 amplifier and five way in built speaker system.”

Learn more about the Vinyl Rocket Jukebox from Crosley here.

GIFT WE WANT: The Chelsea Heritage Trench Coat from Burberry (Heck, anything from Burberry!)

About the Chelsea Heritage Trench Coat from the fine folks at Burberry:

“The Chelsea trench coat, in cotton gabardine, is our slimmest fit with a tapered waist and a precisely tailored collar and gun flap. Invented by Thomas Burberry in 1879, cotton gabardine is a tightly woven, weatherproof fabric that protects against the elements. A classic for all seasons and occasions, the trench can be worn belted over tailoring or open and relaxed over denim and T-shirts. Inspired by the Burberry Heritage Archive, the coat features the iconic check undercollar.”

Find the Chelsea Heritage Trench Coat from Burberry here.

Find “anything from” Burberry here.

While reflecting on 2017 as we play out its final few weeks, I was going through my notes from my trip to London in April and remembered visiting and loving Stumper & Fielding. Stumper & Fielding is one of those old school clothing stores that you just want to live in and buy and wear everything they sell.

About Stumper & Fielding of London:

“We are an independent clothing store. Traditional English clothing with a contemporary twist. Stumper & Fielding offers old school cool on London’s Portobello road. With Harris Tweed designed with Stumper & Fielding in mind, handmade Loakes shoes, collegiate scarves and our own custom designs. Our boutique is filled to the brim with elegant, classic looks for the modern gentleman with a healthy dose of surreal British madness mixed in for good measure. There’s nothing quite like Stumper & Fielding.”

Sadly it appears the fine folks at Stumper & Fielding of London do not sell online – so you will just have to make a trip to check it out. I would say it is definitely worth the trip.

Visit Stumper & Fielding of London online here.

It is a great skill to write a compelling and tense book about a historical event where we already know the ending. The attack on Pearl Harbor (76 years ago tomorrow) is clearly something we all know about but somehow, in his new book, Countdown to Pearl Harbor: The Twelve Days to the Attack, author Steve Twomey weaves a tale that plays out like the best of suspense fiction.

About Countdown to Pearl Harbor: The Twelve Days to the Attack by Steve Twomey:

“In Washington, DC, in late November 1941, admirals composed the most ominous message in Navy history to warn Hawaii of possible danger—but they wrote it too vaguely. They thought precautions were being taken, but never checked to be sure. In a small office at Pearl Harbor, overlooking the battleships, the commander of the Pacific Fleet tried to assess whether the threat was real. His intelligence had lost track of Japan’s biggest aircraft carriers, but assumed they were resting in a port far away. Besides, the admiral thought Pearl was too shallow for torpedoes; he never even put up a barrier. As he fretted, a Japanese spy was counting warships in the harbor and reporting to Tokyo. There were false assumptions and racist ones, misunderstandings, infighting, and clashes between egos. Through remarkable characters and impeccable details, Pulitzer Prize–winner Steve Twomey shows how careless decisions and blinkered beliefs gave birth to colossal failure. But he tells the story with compassion and a wise understanding of why people—even smart, experienced, talented people—look down at their feet when they should be scanning the sky.”

Like other major events in history, Pearl Harbor has been dissected over the years with just about every angle covered, which makes this telling all the more incredible – as if we are reading about the event for the first time.

Countdown to Pearl Harbor: The Twelve Days to the Attack by Steve Twomey is available from Amazon and fine bookseller everywhere.


One of the many fine treasures of the great metropolis that is Kansas City, MO is the National WWI Museum and Memorial.

The towering monument and the accompanying museum is a must visit when in the city and I have been there many times and it is a fitting tribute to the Great War. The National WWI Museum and Memorial also has wonderful online resources including online exhibitions, including one featuring the history of The Christmas Truce of 1914.

About The Christmas Truce of 1914 online exhibition from the National WWI Museum and Memorial:

“On Christmas Eve of 1914, along parts of the Western and—to a much smaller extent—Eastern Fronts a spontaneous truce was declared among the weary, entrenched combatants of the Great War. A miracle? A myth? Read essays by noted historians and explore firsthand accounts from soldiers themselves. Then decide for yourself the real story behind the Christmas Truce.”

Visit The Christmas Truce of 1914 online exhibition from the National WWI Museum and Memorial here.

Visit the National WWI Museum and Memorial online here.

I am really digging the fine folks at Attic Antics who serve up a nice variety of “vintage finds and European treasures” like their nice collection of enamelware – including this vintage Dutch canister set (right).

About the vintage Dutch canister set from Attic Antics:

“This set of 3 enamel canisters is a lovely shade of petrol blue, a deep slightly yellow blue that’s a color of enamelware found quite often in the Netherlands. The canisters are in excellent condition inside and out. The aluminum lids do show some scratches and the Koffie (coffee) canister has a chip along the bottom that continues on the inside. The thee (tea) and suiker (sugar) canisters have pristine interiors and could be used for both dry or wet storage.”

See the current collection of enamelware available from Attic Antics here.

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