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It may be December 1 and the start of meteorological winter – but I say it is still prime time to grill outside – heck it is fun to cook out in the cold – as long as you eat where it is warm. Anyway, today I present a couple of finds that will help make your winter BBQ a little more flavorful.

FF: The Bacon BBQ Rub from Meat Church

About the Bacon BBQ Rub from Meat Church:

“Introducing our 7th wonder of the world – Bacon BBQ! There is nothing like it in the BBQ market today. What is this good on? Everything, duh. Bacon makes everything better! This is an all-purpose bbq rub so it truly is good on everything. In fact, it’s so good, that meat is optional! Just lick your finger and give it a shot plain. Trust us!”

Find the Bacon BBQ Rub from Meat Church here.

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FF: The Grill Lover’s Pack from Banner Butter

About the Grill Lover’s Pack from Banner Butter:

“Banner Butter’s slow-cultured, 86% butterfat butter delivers intense flavor and even melting to enhance all of your grilled foods. Our Grill Lover’s pack includes Sea Salt; Roasted Garlic, Basil, and Parsley; Smoked Sea Salt; and BBQ butters along with a step-by-step guide for grilling and searing your favorite meat or veg with butter.”

Find the Grill Lover’s Pack from Banner Butter here.

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Today, I present the final snapshot from my Thanksgiving trip – this shot of New Hampshire’s Mount Washington as seen across the valley from Intervale, NH. I did not apply any filters to this shot, which I took with my iPhone, but I love how it looks like a watercolor painting.