It is a great skill to write a compelling and tense book about a historical event where we already know the ending. The attack on Pearl Harbor (76 years ago tomorrow) is clearly something we all know about but somehow, in his new book, Countdown to Pearl Harbor: The Twelve Days to the Attack, author Steve Twomey weaves a tale that plays out like the best of suspense fiction.

About Countdown to Pearl Harbor: The Twelve Days to the Attack by Steve Twomey:

“In Washington, DC, in late November 1941, admirals composed the most ominous message in Navy history to warn Hawaii of possible danger—but they wrote it too vaguely. They thought precautions were being taken, but never checked to be sure. In a small office at Pearl Harbor, overlooking the battleships, the commander of the Pacific Fleet tried to assess whether the threat was real. His intelligence had lost track of Japan’s biggest aircraft carriers, but assumed they were resting in a port far away. Besides, the admiral thought Pearl was too shallow for torpedoes; he never even put up a barrier. As he fretted, a Japanese spy was counting warships in the harbor and reporting to Tokyo. There were false assumptions and racist ones, misunderstandings, infighting, and clashes between egos. Through remarkable characters and impeccable details, Pulitzer Prize–winner Steve Twomey shows how careless decisions and blinkered beliefs gave birth to colossal failure. But he tells the story with compassion and a wise understanding of why people—even smart, experienced, talented people—look down at their feet when they should be scanning the sky.”

Like other major events in history, Pearl Harbor has been dissected over the years with just about every angle covered, which makes this telling all the more incredible – as if we are reading about the event for the first time.

Countdown to Pearl Harbor: The Twelve Days to the Attack by Steve Twomey is available from Amazon and fine bookseller everywhere.