GIFT WE WANT: The Bedrock Watch from Shinola (heck, anything from Shinola)

About the Bedrock Watch from Shinola:

“It doesn’t need bells and whistles — it is the bell and whistle. The Bedrock is our first dress watch. Only the most essential details were incorporated, then refined. Slim construction drove the minimalist design, allowing the timepiece to slide effortlessly underneath your finely tailored sleeve. The clean Bourbon dial is set with applied index markers and punctuated with a sub-second. The solid stainless steel case with PVD Rose Gold on a smooth Cordovan leather strap in Oxblood completes the look, making for one rich, obsessively engineered timepiece.”

Find the Bedrock Watch from Shinola here.

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GIFT WE WANT: The Reclaimed Tin Whale Ornament from Foxy & Winston

About the reclaimed Tin Whale Ornament from Foxy & Winston:

“HomArt’s Reclaimed Metal Sea Life Figures represent the height of sophisticated green living. Due to the renovated nature of the metal, each sports the unique graphics and colors of the recycled medium, resulting in a cohesive collection in which no two items are exactly alike. A light-weight decoration that assimilates well into many themes but finds special comfort in seascape.”

Find the Reclaimed Tin Whale Ornament from Foxy & Winston here.

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