The holidays are over, and as much as we love the season, it is nice to get back to the normal day-to-day which makes you appreciate the special times even more when they pop up again. But I like to keep little hints of the holidays throughout the year. One way I do this is I make mini Thanksgiving dinners a couple of times throughout the year. And what Thanksgiving would be complete without a special cranberry sauce, like the Original Cranberry Sauce from the fine folks at Wild Thymes?

About the Original Cranberry Sauce from Wild Thymes:

“This delectable combination of cranberries and fresh oranges & lemons is light, yet bold and makes the perfect accompaniment or glaze to all kinds of poultry, meats, game and even fish. Enjoy it over Brie as a delicious and simple hors d’oeuvre. Mix it into your chicken or turkey salad or try it as a sandwich spread. Enjoy it over toast, muffins and scones or as a dessert topping.”

This is so much better than the congealed can-shaped stuff you grew up with – and so versatile when used like a jam or a condiment.

Find the Original Cranberry Sauce from Wild Thymes here.

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