Well, with the Super Bowl coming up in just a few weeks, of course my mind turns to crafting – as the tradition for my peeps is to have a “Craft Bowl” on Super Bowl Sunday where we hang out, make crafts, watch the commercials, and even the game.

While thinking about crafts for this year, a memory stirred. When I was a kid we had a neighbor who made string art – string strung between nails on wood – and was a true artist. I tried my hand at string art in the past and was not very good at it. But now I have found the DIY String Art Bicycle Kits from the fine folks at String of the Art and I am ordering it for this year’s Craft Bowl.

About the DIY String Art Bicycle Kit from String of the Art:

“This DIY String Art Bicycle Kit is a one-of-a-kind design ready to be strung up for display in your home.  The DIY Kit’s 16″ by 12″ wood board is hand sanded and hand stained dark walnut.  Every kit includes only the highest quality embroidery floss. And there is plenty of extra string necessary to complete your crafts project.  The instructions give a step-by-step description of how to recreate the Bicycle String Art pattern you see in the photos.  The crafting kit also includes a pattern template.”

Find the DIY String Art Bicycle Kit from String of the Art here.

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