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What is better than authentic organic maple syrup from Vermont? Authentic organic maple syrup from Vermont aged in bourbon barrels of course! Like the great Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup I found from the fine folks at Runamok Maple.

About the Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup from Runamok Maple:

“We start with our best organic maple syrup and age it in recently emptied Bourbon barrels.  The syrup draws in the essence of the Bourbon without the alcohol.  Like premium whiskeys, the process takes time, and careful tending.  But the result is a sophisticated duo that will become a new classic. Certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers. Our woods are certified as Bird-Friendly by Audubon Vermont.”

Find the Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup from Runamok Maple here.

Learn more about Runamok Maple here.

FF: The Handmade Apple & Pear Chutney from Josephine’s Feast

I love serving a nice chutney as a condiment with a roast pork which has been roasted with apple and pears. Well, now I have found the perfect companion for my apple and pear pork: the Handmade Apple & Pear Chutney I found from the fine folks at Josephine’s Feast.

About the Handmade Apple & Pear Chutney from Josephine’s Feast:

“Handmade Apple & Pear Chutney has been our family’s favorite for Thanksgiving feasts and summer barbeques. Our dear friend Anne would request a jar every year during the holidays. Heirloom fruits are mixed with raisins and spices and aged to round out the flavors. A lovely addition to any meal. Ingredients: Pipin apples & pears, brown sugar, sweet onion, apple cider vinegar, Muscat raisins, golden raisins, currents, garlic, cayenne, gres salt & black pepper.”

Find the Handmade Apple & Pear Chutney from Josephine’s Feast here.

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FF: Les Anis de Flavigny All Natural Anise Mints

I love little tins filled with mints. When the tin has a romantic image on it, is imported from France, and contains Les Anis de Flavigny All Natural Anise Mints – even better.

About Les Anis de Flavigny All Natural Anise Mints:

“These all-natural anise-flavored candies are housed in a vintage decorative tin, and contain about 30 mints per tin. Each anise seed is coated in naturally-flavored sugar to produce round and smooth flavored mints to delight the palate and senses.”

Les Anis de Flavigny All Natural Anise Mints are available from the fine folks at The French Farm.

I think the basic men’s comb is one the most underrated items for gentlemen. Every man should have one – and arguably carry one all the time (especially if you drag around a bag everywhere you go). And I don’t mean a cheap plastic comb – I mean an heirloom quality comb like the Blank Brass Comb I found from the fine folks at Izola:

About the Blank Brass Comb from Izola:

“Keep your hairline in check with the latest edition to our grooming collection – our brass comb with canvas sheath. We take a great deal of pride in the durability of our products, so when we say this is the boldest, most solid comb you’ll ever own, we mean it. Built to last, this is one of those pieces that will be handed down from father to son. Carrying slip included.”

Find the Blank Brass Comb from Izola here.

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I couldn’t help sharing this one too…

I have never been a huge fan of rock legend Stevie Nicks, or the mega-band that made her a superstar, Fleetwood Mac. But her voice and music are part of the soundtrack of my life and many of her songs have become indelible markers of time and place. And, like most talented people who have led celebrated lives, there is an interesting story to tell. So with that, I jumped into Gold Dust Woman – The Biography of Stevie Nicks by Stephen Davis – a full-fledged old school rock biography of one our generation’s most successful singers – and it is fabulous.

About Gold Dust Woman by Stephen Davis:

“Stevie Nicks is a legend of rock, but her energy and magnetism sparked new interest in this icon. At sixty-nine, she’s one of the most glamorous creatures rock has known, and the rare woman who’s a real rock ‘n’ roller. Gold Dust Woman gives ‘the gold standard of rock biographers’ (The Boston Globe) his ideal topic: Nicks’ work and life are equally sexy and interesting, and Davis delves deeply into each, unearthing fresh details from new, intimate interviews and interpreting them to present a rich new portrait of the star. Just as Nicks (and Lindsey Buckingham) gave Fleetwood Mac the ‘shot of adrenaline’ they needed to become real rock stars—according to Christine McVie—Gold Dust Woman is vibrant with stories and with a life lived large and hard.”

Not a tell-all or gossipy biography, Gold Dust tells the personal story and history history of the time that is fascinating for both fans and non-fans alike – just the story of a talented girl who rode the turbulent wave to pop culture icon.

Gold Dust Woman by Stephen Davis is available from Amazon and fine booksellers everywhere.

I love cheese. Duh! Who doesn’t love cheese? But not all cheese is made the same. I love cheese made in the time-honored way, like the cheese from the fine folks at Vermont-based Plymouth Artisan Cheese. I particularly like their original recipe cheese.

About the Original Plymouth Cheese from Plymouth Artisan Cheese:

“The Original Plymouth recipe is precisely that: it is the original Coolidge-era formula that was discovered on a frayed scrap of paper, taped to the walls of the old Plymouth factory, and revitalized by founder Jesse Werner in 2009. Aged for one whole year, this cheddar is the most antiquated of the English varieties, an old-world recipe with a sharp, rich flavor profile that lingers, like a passed down story. It’s a full-bodied cheese, rounded with the perfect balance of cream and tang, and said to be closest to what the settlers of the 1600s consumed. Original Plymouth is the signature granular curd cheddar recipe on which all the other varieties are based. And as the great spark ignitor of the whole Plymouth line, this raw heritage cheddar literally tastes like a walk back in time.”

Just in time for all those cheesy Valentines greetings you are going to receive tomorrow – you can have some real cheese that will make you fall in love.

Find the Original Plymouth Cheese from Plymouth Artisan Cheese here.

Visit Plymouth Artisan Cheese online here.