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I love cheese. Duh! Who doesn’t love cheese? But not all cheese is made the same. I love cheese made in the time-honored way, like the cheese from the fine folks at Vermont-based Plymouth Artisan Cheese. I particularly like their original recipe cheese.

About the Original Plymouth Cheese from Plymouth Artisan Cheese:

“The Original Plymouth recipe is precisely that: it is the original Coolidge-era formula that was discovered on a frayed scrap of paper, taped to the walls of the old Plymouth factory, and revitalized by founder Jesse Werner in 2009. Aged for one whole year, this cheddar is the most antiquated of the English varieties, an old-world recipe with a sharp, rich flavor profile that lingers, like a passed down story. It’s a full-bodied cheese, rounded with the perfect balance of cream and tang, and said to be closest to what the settlers of the 1600s consumed. Original Plymouth is the signature granular curd cheddar recipe on which all the other varieties are based. And as the great spark ignitor of the whole Plymouth line, this raw heritage cheddar literally tastes like a walk back in time.”

Just in time for all those cheesy Valentines greetings you are going to receive tomorrow – you can have some real cheese that will make you fall in love.

Find the Original Plymouth Cheese from Plymouth Artisan Cheese here.

Visit Plymouth Artisan Cheese online here.