When I was a kid my mother made me and my brother top-loading drawstring duffel bags out of blue canvas. She also did an applique on my bag with my name and a sail boat. She made these bags for us to use on weekend trips to our lake retreat and they got a lot of use. I came across my bag a few years ago at the bottom of a box in my parent’s barn. I was happy to see it, but is had been used by some woodland creature for nest parts and it had to be thrown away. But it was too late, a wave of nostalgia had come over me and the search was on to find a replacement. Well the search is over now that I have found this Canvas Top-load Duffel from the fine folks at Tracksmith.

About the Canvas Top-load Duffel from the Tracksmith:

“There’s something perfect about the elegant simplicity of a canvas top-load duffel. Unlike nylon, canvas is built to overstuff, stretching without tearing at the seams. So go ahead and toss the Mission Top Loader into the trunks, jam it into overhead compartments, and pile it under the shuttle bus on the way to the starting line. It will only get better with use. Maybe that’s why top load canvas bags have been military standard-issue for decades.”

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