It is funny to me that the technology used in the ubiquitous earbuds we all carry around has not reakky changed in many years. Heck, they are pretty much a variation of the one earphone that was common with the transistor radio since at least the 1960s. Anyway, you can spend a ton of money on headphones and earbuds, or you can spend pennies. I like somewhere in between with a traditional set of corded buds – as opposed to Bluetooth – like the Reimers Earbuds I found from the fine folks at Urban Ears.

About the Reimers Earbuds from Urban Ears:

“These lightweight workout earbuds have really got it together. Keep the focus on your pulse with perfect fit EarClick technology and a double clip that keeps everything in place. Includes a built-in mic/remote, and a reflective cable for extra visibility during after hours sweat sessions.”

These buds have great sound, stand up to wear and tear, and come is some nifty colors.

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