As a society, we celebrate the most successful people. But what if we were to look at those at the bottom of the scale? That is what the fine folks at the Fund for Peace have done with the Bottom 100 to call attention the millions across the world they represent.

About The Bottom 100:

“The Bottom 100 was launched to give a face and voice to the people at the other end of the World’s Rich List. It is all too easy to think of “the bottom billion” in the abstract – but we hope that shining a light on even a tiny fraction of the world’s poor will put a human face on the suffering and crushing inequality endured by so many. These 100 stories represent the many millions around the world who find themselves in poverty, living in an enduring struggle with little-to-nothing, in the face of adversity from conflict to oppression.”

Learn more about The Bottom 100, the Fund for Peace and how you can help here.