I think having an heirloom-quality chessboard is a must for every home. Seriously, I do. Not only is chess a great game, a fine chessboard looks classy set up in a den, library, or family room. I like the Marine Leather Chessboard I found from the fine folks at Scully & Scully.

About the Marine Leather Chessboard from Scully & Scully:

“Handcrafted in English country workshops by the same team of dedicated craftsmen and women who make the chessboards and boxes for the World Chess Championship clash between Spassky and Fischer in 1972. Finest English Dauphin calf leather is inlaid with 2 ⅛” squares. Box is lined with suedette, including bottom of board. A special inside rim is constructed so that you open the set by pushing down on one side of the board. Chess pieces are triple-weighted wood.”

Find the Marine Leather Chessboard from Scully & Scully here.

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