I am a big movie fan, although I am all about the artistic aspects of cinema, I am always interested in learning more about the business side of the industry. Sadly, the business side has often steered the creative side – really throughout the history of film, but there was a time when the big studios understood that the creative vision of artists could lead to commercial success. However, in this age of blockbusters and global box office tallies, it is clear the pendulum is squarely on the business end of things. In his new book, The Big Picture: The Fight for the Future of Movies, Walls Street Journal reporter Ben Fritz examines the current state of Hollywood and offers a scenario for what we can expect in the future.

About The Big Picture: The Fight for the Future of Movies by Ben Fritz: “In the past decade, Hollywood has endured a cataclysm on a par with the end of silent film and the demise of the studio system. Stars and directors have seen their power dwindle, while writers and producers lift their best techniques from TV, comic books, and the toy biz. The future of Hollywood is being written by powerful corporate brands like Marvel, Amazon, Netflix, and Lego, as well as censors in China. Ben Fritz chronicles this dramatic shakeup with unmatched skill, bringing equal fluency to both the financial and entertainment aspects of Hollywood. He dives deeply into the fruits of the Sony hack to show how the previous model, long a creative and commercial success, lost its way. And he looks ahead through interviews with dozens of key players at Disney, Marvel, Netflix, Amazon, Imax, and others to discover how they have reinvented the business. He shows us, for instance, how Marvel replaced stars with ‘universes,’ and how Disney remade itself in Apple’s image and reaped enormous profits. But despite the destruction of the studios’ traditional playbook, Fritz argues that these seismic shifts signal the dawn of a new heyday for film. The Big Picture shows the first glimmers of this new golden age through the eyes of the creative mavericks who are defining what our movies will look like in the new era.”

Mr. Fritz predicts that this current state of the film industry will lead to a new creative age. I sure hope he is right.

The Big Picture: The Fight for the Future of Movies by Ben Fritz is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.