Reading the news about the Middle East over the years it is easy to distill the region into one big vat of conflict. Oh, there is conflict and tension to be sure, but like everywhere else there are human interactions and interesting people, and most certainly a lot of history. Take all of that and put it into a novel, along with a compelling plot, and you have The Diamond Setter by Moshe Sakal.

About The Diamond Setter by Moshe Sakal: “Inspired by true events, this best-selling Israeli novel traces a complex web of love triangles, homoerotic tensions, and family secrets across generations and borders, illuminating diverse facets of life in the Middle East. The uneventful life of a jeweler from Tel Aviv changes abruptly in 2011 after Fareed, a handsome young man from Damascus, crosses illegally into Israel and makes his way to the ancient port city of Jaffa in search of his roots. In his pocket is a piece of a famous blue diamond known as ‘Sabakh.’ Intending to return the diamond to its rightful owner, Fareed is soon swept up in Tel Aviv’s vibrant gay scene, and a turbulent protest movement. He falls in love with both an Israeli soldier and his boyfriend–the narrator of this book–and reveals the story of his family’s past: a tale of forbidden love beginning in the 1930s that connects Fareed and the jeweler.”

Set across the landscape of the troubled region, this novel (now available in English translated from the original Hebrew) ties present day to a time gone by when the world was a very different place (and not so different) with a collection of diverse characters, cultures, and situations that transcend what we think we know.

The Diamond Setter by Moshe Sakal is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.