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Nothing says more about the timeless beauty of my favorite spot (the scene of Mount Chocorua across the Lake from Tamworth, NH) like a vintage photograph. Which is why I am totally charmed by this photo I found from 1934 by photographer Alton H. Blackington titled “Boy on a Rock in Grove.”

I have been a big fan of George Orwell since I first read Animal Farm back in high school. So I like a really good political allegory. Now, we have a great one for a new generation, the very clever The Forensic Records Society by Magnus Mills.

About The Forensic Records Society by Magnus Mills:

“Two men with a passion for vinyl create a society for the appreciation of records. Their aim is simple: to elevate the art of listening by doing so in forensic detail. The society enjoys moderate success in the back room of their local pub, The Half Moon, with other enthusiasts drawn to the initial promise of the weekly gathering. However, as the club gains popularity, its founders’ uncompromising dogma results in a schism–and soon a counter group forms. Then the arrival of a young woman called Alice further fractures the unity of the vulnerable society. As rifts are forged and gulfs widen, Magnus Mills, the master of comic deadpan, humorously examines the surreal nature of ordinary lives.”

Like the best allegoric novels, Mr. Magnus’s story also stand on its own at face value – which make it perfect.

The Forensic Records Society by Magnus Mills is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.

I know many of you have been waiting for my annual posts about my container garden. Well, I got a late start this year, due to the move to the new house, and a bunch of traveling. But I finally had the chance to get things going and I am excited to announce I have gone from containers to a raised bed in my new back yard.

The raised bed was already there – the previous owners used it to stage a fire pit, which was silly as the walls are wood. I filled it with some fresh new soil and planted some plants I scored from a local nursery. I still have some room in there and will add to it when I have a chance.

I stuck with things I have had success with in the past – a few varieties of tomatoes, various peppers, squash, eggplant, and herbs like basil, rosemary, and parsley. I also planted a ton of sunflowers around the yard and hope the squirrels don’t get them all – I would like to have something to show why Kansas is The Sunflower State.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Every desk needs a focal point. Too often these days the computer rules the average desk. However, you can really class things up with a nice desk pad, like these nice Desk Pads I found from the fine folks at Parvum Opus.

About the Desk Pads from Parvum Opus:

“Our rectangular desk pads provide the perfect spot to write a letter or park your laptop, protecting both the laptop and your desk from scratches. Each desk pad is carefully crafted using fine paper framed and backed in Italian book cloth. Custom sizes and papers are available.”

Find the Desk Pads from Parvum Opus here.

See all the fine handmade products from Parvum Opus here.

…and all of a sudden it’s summertime, at least meteorologically speaking, and there is plenty of things to see, do, and FIND – so stay tuned, it’s going to be a lot of fun.