The fine folks at London’s Purdey are one of those old-school purveyors of everything you need for an outing in the English countryside. Which means they have nothing that is practical for my everyday life here on the prairie just across the river from the great city of Kansas City, MO – but I love it all anyway. I especially like Purdey’s 18L Back/Blanket Carrier Pack.

About the 18L Back/Blanket Carrier Pack from Purdey:

“This limited-edition rucksack is ideal for mountain hunting, hiking, safari or any form of adventure. It has been made by combining English oak bark tanned leather, from Britain’s last remaining oak bark tannery, with Purdey’ ‘nettle’ cotton canvas. The latter is an eco-friendly fabric developed in collaboration with a family-owned mill in Burnley, Lancashire, inspired by similar nettle fabrics commissioned by the Swiss Army in the Second World War.”

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