While at the Gold Coast Art Fair in Chicago this past June, I spent a long time in the tent of artist LaVerne Thorpe, who calls her work All by Hand Fused Glass. I fell in love with her work and enjoyed chatting with her about her process and inspirations.

About All by Hand Fused Glass:

“I design and create beautiful fused glass art that is both functional and decorative.  All of my pieces are created one at a time.  If you see something on this site or at one of my shows that you like I can reproduce that item or make in it with your favorite colors.”

I particularly fell in love with her Jungle Scene (above right) which is spectacular and is not truly represented by photos.

About the Jungle Scene from All By Hand:

“This 10 x 10 piece is a cast block jungle scene made with several layers mounted on a beautiful custom wood frame.  The block is 1 inch thick creating a multi dimensional scene.”

Learn more about the Fused Glass from All by Hand here.