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Meanwhile, my very own garden is surprising me every day. After a slow start, things are still popping out all over. I have a ton of late season tomatoes and peppers, while I should end up with some great eggplants as well.

I love stopping in the great Farmers’ Market in downtown Overland Park, KS – I am constantly impressed by the pure bounty of the Midwest growing season. On a recent visit I couldn’t help but stop to take this pic of all the great little tomatoes still on offer late in the season.

It may be Fall, but that just means a product with the word “Spring” in its name is bound to be on sale. Well, no matter the season, the Spring Planting Garden Tool Gift Set I found from the fine folks at Fisher Blacksmithing is something special – so cool they could be hung on the wall as works of art.

About the Spring Planting Garden Tool Gift Set from Fisher Blacksmithing:

“This set is perfect for both beginner and experienced gardeners. You’ll receive a large planting trowel, a square hand hoe, and a three-tined rake. I design and build each tool using traditional blacksmithing techniques here in Bozeman, Montana. The steel is heated to 1700 degrees in the forge, shaped over the anvil with a hammer, joined with solid steel rivets, and then set into hand-turned, Black Walnut handles. This process creates an heirloom quality garden tool that is unique, durable, and feels great in your hand! So if you’re shopping for a special person with an eye for high-quality traditional crafts and an interest in gardening, this collection is bound to make their spring planting a little brighter.”

Find the Spring Planting Garden Tool Gift Set from Fisher Blacksmithing here.

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I am not a vegetarian by any stretch, but I do like a good plant-based meal every now and then. The challenge for me is to be inspired, which is why I am happy I discovered the great On Vegetables by Jeremy Fox, with inspiration on every page.

About On Vegetables by Jeremy Fox:

“The highly anticipated cookbook from Jeremy Fox, the California chef who is redefining vegetable-based cuisine with global appeal. Known for his game-changing approach to cooking with vegetables, Jeremy Fox first made his name at the Michelin-starred restaurant Ubuntu in Napa Valley. Today he is one of America’s most talked-about chefs, celebrated for the ingredient-focused cuisine he serves at the Los Angeles restaurant, Rustic Canyon Wine Bar and Seasonal Kitchen. In his first book, Fox presents his food philosophy in the form of 160 approachable recipes for the home cook. On Vegetables elevates vegetarian cooking, using creative methods and ingredient combinations to highlight the textures, flavours, and varieties of seasonal produce and including basic recipes for the larder.”

On Vegetables by Jeremy Fox is available from Amazon and fine booksellers everywhere.



I just found the C38 carry-on bag from the fine folks at Volcier – perhaps the very last piece of luggage you will ever need to buy.

About the C38 from Vocier:

“The C38 is the workhorse of our product portfolio, and our best-selling cabin luggage piece by far. The C38 features both our Zero Crease™ system for wrinkle-free suits or other business and formal attire, as well as our Fast Pass™ concept for quick, unobstructed access to toiletries during security checks. The exterior is finished in durable black nylon, black Italian leather straps, and PVD coated black metal fastenings. The C38 has won numerous international design awards, and is the elegant yet smart answer to the discerning frequent traveller’s most urgent luggage requirements.”

You may balk at the $600 price tag at first, but once you realize how much you have spent on cheaper bags over the years that you had to replace – this thing pays for itself in longevity and style.

Learn more about the C38 from Vocier here.

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You must know people for whom today’s find would be the perfect gift: the I Am Silently Correcting Your Grammar Mug I found from the fine folks at The Library Store.

About the I Am Silently Correcting Your Grammar Mug from The Library Store:

“As you enjoy your favorite, warm beverage, be sure to warn others that you will be, in fact, silently correcting their poor grammar with this vintage-inspired, camping-styled, stainless steel mug. Featuring a white finish with blue lettering and red trim around the lip of the mug, this sturdy little mug can withstand many a washing and “accidental” falls that may occur as others passive-aggressively attempt to get rid of this judgmental little mug. Rest assured, this grammatical camper’s mug will persist.”

Find the I Am Silently Correcting Your Grammar Mug from The Library Store here.

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FF: The Swag Fruit and Vegetable Storage Bag

I found the best way to store all those fresh veggies still available at your local farmers’ market – the Fruit and Vegetable Storage Bag from the fine folks at The Swag.

About the Swag Fruit and Vegetable Storage Bag:

“The Swag is a fruit and vegetable storage bag that is designed to keep produce fresh for so much longer! The Swag is unique because it can be used wet or dry, in or out of the refrigerator. The Swag eliminates the need for plastic storage bags, is machine washable and designed to last years. With The Swag you cut down food waste, save money, keep your fruits and vegetables fresher for longer while doing your part to help environment.”

Find the Swag Fruit and Vegetable Storage Bag here.

FF: The Quality Matches from The Joy of Light

I like to keep some fancy matches around to light my candles and start a fire in the fire place. Some of the nicest matches I have found lately are those I found from the fine folks at The Joy of Light.

About the matches from The Joy of Light:

“Whether it’s a candlelight dinner, the glow of a winter’s fireplace, the sizzle of a barbeque, or a gathering of friends around a summer night’s fire pit, let The Joy of Light bring light and warmth to your home. Our company was started from a passion for collecting stick matches as a remembrance of places visited and good times shared. This passion has grown to creating candle and fireplace/barbecue matchboxes in radiant colors and designs that suit any occasion, compliment any environment, and express the distinctive personalities and interests of many.”

Check out The Joy of Light here.

This is one my favorite finds of all time, the So Rex and So Clean Dinosaur Shower Head I found from the fine folks at Mod Cloth. Perfect for a kids shower, an outdoor shower (everybody loves an outdoor shower, no) or an extra shower.

About the So Rex and So Clean Dinosaur Shower Head from Mod Cloth:

Swap out singing your favorite tunes for growling along with this T. Rex shower head! Simple to attach and certain to be noticed, this bright green bathroom accessory – and its ability to roar when water passes through – is nothing less than legendary.”

Find the So Rex and So Clean Dinosaur Shower Head from Mod Cloth here.

I may have mentioned this before, but I am a little bit of a watch-aholic. I have scores of watches, most I have not worn in years but I just need to have around. I love that watches, despite all the ways we have to tell time in the digital age (“hey Alexa what time is it”) they are still the perfect accessory for the well-dressed man. Which is why I love the opus to men and watches, A Man and His Watch by Matt Hranek.

About A Man and His Watch by Matt Hranek:

“A man has to be careful not to over-accessorize. Too many rings, necklaces, and cuffs and you lose the magic an expertly chosen accessory can provide. It’s why we’ve always gone to bat for the most timeless accessory there is: the watch. The men profiled in A Man and His Watch got it right. The 216-page, gorgeously shot hardcover is an ode to iconic watches and the men who wore them. Paul Newman and his Rolex Daytona are profiled, as are JFK and the Omega he wore at his inauguration, Nas and his Patek Philippe, and so many more. From author and watch collector Matt Hranek comes this beautiful coffee table book that’s filled with 76 captivating stories. We will warn you, however. You will want a statement timepiece of your own after you flip through this book.”

A Man and His Watch by Matt Hranek is available from Cool Materials (psyche!) and other fine retailers everywhere.

You know what they say – everybody needs their own personal sweat management system, which makes the Sweat Towel Set I found from the fine folks at Plum and Punch perfect for everybody.

About the Sweat Towel Set from Plum and Punch:

“Stylize your workout routine with this charming blue sports towel set. Specially crafted from 100% cotton terry cloth to keep you feeling fresh, this towel set features a Bohemian jacquard design and an empowering ‘Stronger Than Yesterday’ motif to get you up and running in no time.”

Find the Sweat Towel Set from Plum and Punch here.