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Here’s the perfect find to ease your conscience which has been in turmoil ever since you heard about how disposable plastic straws are ruining the planet: the Sip and Swizzle Drink Stirs I found from the fine folks at Side Show Press.

About the Sip and Swizzle Drink Stirs from Side Show Press:

“Stir and savor, sip and swizzle a cold glass of iced tea or your favorite poolside cocktail. Reusable stirs that are sure to be a classic essential for every hostess.”

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We had a small problem with our web host that made it difficult for some of our fans to access Lost Cowboy over the past week or so. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you – we know how hard it is to get through a day without a daily dose from Lost Cowboy. Rest assured, we are back in the saddle an ready to jump into autumn and bring you all sorts of great new finds and more. Enjoy!

I like the idea of bringing back the old-school tradition of leaving a calling card behind. Not a business card, but a personal calling card that lets folks know you stopped by and reflects a little of your personality. Helping in this cause is the great collection of Personal Calling Cards I found from the fine folks at Felix Doolittle. I like the Tour De France Calling Card.

About the Personal Calling Cards from Felix Doolittle:

“A Felix Doolittle customer favorite! Personal Calling Cards are ideal for social networking because they make such a memorable impression. Our customers have wonderful stories about the connections they’ve made by giving someone one of our Personal Calling Cards. What new stories will your cards evoke?”

Find the Tour De France Calling Card from Felix Doolittle here.

Find the Personal Calling Cards from Felix Doolittle here.

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“So much happened before Lewis and Clark dropped in…” Or so could read the teaser for a Broadway musical based on this week’s read, Before Lewis and Clark: The French Dynasty that Ruled America’s Frontier by Shirley Christian. I have been fascinated by the adventures of Lewis and Clark since I was a little boy, and I had never really thought much about what the American west was like before their exploits. I mean I knew the Native Americans were spread throughout the land, and various Spanish explorers and French fur traders had popped in and out, but I had no idea of the vast empire of the Chouteau dynasty that set the stage for the settling of the great plains and beyond.

About Before Lewis and Clark by Shirley Christian:

“Shortly after Meriweather Lewis reached St. Louis in 1803 to plan for his voyage to the Pacific with William Clark, he prepared his first packet of flora and fauna from west of the Mississippi and dispatched it to President Jefferson. The cuttings, which were later planted in Philadelphia and Virginia, were supplied by Lewis’s new French friend, Pierre Chouteau, who took them from a tree growing in the garden of his mansion. One of the best-known families in French America, the Chouteaus had guarded the gates to the West for generations and had built fortunes from fur trading, land speculation, finance, and railroads, and by supplying anything needed to survive in the region between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains. Patrician in their origins, they nevertheless won the respect and allegiance of dozens of Indian tribes. From their St. Louis base, the Chouteaus conquered the more-than-two-thousand-mile length of the Missouri River, put down the first European roots at the future site of Kansas City and in present-day Oklahoma, and left their names and imprints on lands stretching to the Canadian border.”

Before Lewis and Clark by Shirley Christian is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.


How simple, how functional, how awesome is this iPhone stand I found from the fine folks at Solid Manufacturing Co.?

About the iPhone stand from Solid Manufacturing Co.:

“Clean lines and a modern aesthetic. Viewing angle is optimized for use on a counter top, nightstand or desk while in a standing position and works great in either portrait or landscape mode. While the iPhone is in the stand it can be easily plugged in and used as a docking station. Compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, 6 Plus and 7. (Only compatible with the iPhone 5 if you do not use a case. If you do use a case, please see our iPhone Stand listing). Can be used with slim fitting cases.”

Find the iPhone Stand from Solid Manufacturing Co. here.

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I have to report that we sold the family lodge up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Which means I will probably be making fewer trips up there in the future. Which also means fewer opportunities to check in on my favorite spot – the view of Mount Chocorua across Chocorua Lake as seen from Tamworth, NH. Lucky for us, it is a favorite spot of many people so we can still check in from time to time. Like this great picture of a special dusk event held on the lake recently. Sorry no photo attribution but I thank the photographer for this great shot.

Well, it’s been a crazy week or so. Summer pretty much ended on cue after Labor Day with cooler days (relatively but better than the more than 50 days that were over 90 degrees this summer) and some much needed rain. Which means some good things still happening in the garden – still some tomatoes, tons of peppers, and the first of my eggplants to harvest.

I love a good card game, but inevitably the old deck of cards start getting bent and ruined by all the handling and food and drink – but the Dry Decks Playing Cards I found from the fine folks at Nod Products – are waterproof which makes them pretty resilient and washable. And you get to choose from some pretty cool designs, like the Dry Deck featuring cats wearing glasses (right).

About the Dry Decks Playing Cards from Nod Products:

“Perfect for outdoor or indoor gatherings, our 100%-plastic Dry Decks are the best waterproof playing cards around. They repel water, won’t stick together and are easy-to-clean! So, whether your’re playing by the pool or huddled around your kitchen table don’t worry about cannonballs or spills!”

Find the Dry Decks Playing Cards from Nod Products here.


I love finding a good old true crime story that I previously knew nothing about. Until I picked up today’s read, Zero at the Bone – The Playboy, the Prostitute, and the Murder of Bobby Greenlease by John Heidenry, I had no idea of this crime, but was transfixed from the very first page.

About Zero at the Bone – The Playboy, the Prostitute, and the Murder of Bobby Greenlease by John Heidenry:

“In 1953, six-year-old Bobby Greenlease, the son of a wealthy Kansas City automobile dealer and his wife, was kidnapped from his Roman Catholic elementary school by a woman named Bonnie Heady, a well-scrubbed prostitute who was posing as one of his distant aunts. Her accomplice, Carl Austin Hall, a former playboy who had run through his inheritance and was just out of the Missouri State Penitentiary, was waiting in the getaway car with a gun, a length of rope and a plastic tarp. The two grifters thought they had a plan that would put them on the road to Easy Street; but, actually, they were on a fast-track to the gas chamber. Shortly after they snatched the little boy, the two demanded a ransom of $600,000.00 from the Greenlease family and it was paid; but, Bobby was already dead, shot in the head by Hall and buried in a flower garden behind the couple’s house, exactly where his body was found by police shortly thereafter. The Greenlease ransom was the highest ransom ever paid in the US to that date and the case held the US transfixed in the same way the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby had done decades earlier. In a bone-chilling account of kidnapping, murder and the dogged pursuit of a child’s killers, John Heidenry crafts a haunting narrative that involves mob boss Joe Costello, a cast of unsavory grifters, hardboiled detectives and a room at the legendary, but now razed, Coral Court Motel on Route 66.”

Now living in Kansas City where the crime took place 65 years ago, I feel I have a little more understanding of my adopted home town and its gritty past.

Zero at the Bone – The Playboy, the Prostitute, and the Murder of Bobby Greenlease by John Heidenry is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.