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We had a small problem with our web host that made it difficult for some of our fans to access Lost Cowboy over the past week or so. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you – we know how hard it is to get through a day without a daily dose from Lost Cowboy. Rest assured, we are back in the saddle an ready to jump into autumn and bring you all sorts of great new finds and more. Enjoy!

I like the idea of bringing back the old-school tradition of leaving a calling card behind. Not a business card, but a personal calling card that lets folks know you stopped by and reflects a little of your personality. Helping in this cause is the great collection of Personal Calling Cards I found from the fine folks at Felix Doolittle. I like the Tour De France Calling Card.

About the Personal Calling Cards from Felix Doolittle:

“A Felix Doolittle customer favorite! Personal Calling Cards are ideal for social networking because they make such a memorable impression. Our customers have wonderful stories about the connections they’ve made by giving someone one of our Personal Calling Cards. What new stories will your cards evoke?”

Find the Tour De France Calling Card from Felix Doolittle here.

Find the Personal Calling Cards from Felix Doolittle here.

Find all the other great printed product from Felix Doolittle here.