Artist Tim Cherry

I love the wildlife sculptures of artist Tim Cherry which mix amazing realism with s splash of whimsy, like his work By A Nose (right) an interpretation of the classic tortoise and the hare tale.

About Tim Cherry:

“Tim produces sculptures which not only attract the viewers eye but also the viewer’s hand. Born in Calgary, Alberta in 1965, Tim grew up in Nelson, a town located among the rugged Canadian Rockies in southeastern British Columbia. This is where he developed a love of wildlife and the outdoors. Escaping into the wilds was then, and still is, a spiritual experience. At sixteen Tim began working summers as a cook and wrangler for a hunting outfit, which took him into the wilderness country of northern British Columbia. By the time Tim was eighteen he was guiding his own clients on two week trips.”

Learn more about Tim Cherry and see a portfolio of his work here.

Artist Anthony High

I am also a fan of the work of Kansas City-based artist Anthony High, especially his works depicting the city’s legacy of jazz.

About Anthony High:

“My career began the about the age of five when my father tore open a brown paper bag and told me to write on it. At that age I could not really discern the difference between writing and drawing. So my reaction was to draw. It was through this artistic awakening that I realize that not only must I draw but it was part of my DNA. Much of my inspiration and subject matter comes from my African American heritage. Although I primarily paint people of color, I don’t necessarily consider it ‘black art’. I just call it ART.”

Learn more about Anthony High and see a portfolio of his work here.

Artist Wes Benson

I really like the work of Kansas City artist Wes Benson – especially his cityscapes and interpretations of everyday structures like gas stations.

About Wes Benson:

“Wes Benson is a Kansas City based painter and Illustrator represented by Weinberger Fine Art. Wes has a masters degree in illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and a bachelors degree in art history from the University of Kansas. His work is colorful, representational and full of contemporary imagery. Wes paints what he wants to paint. His artistic philosophy is guided exclusively by the daily visual input of his own life. His work is autobiographical, euphoric, luminous, self-referential.”

Learn more about Wes Benson and see a portfolio of his work here.