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Tonight in London there are celebrations with bonfires and fireworks all over. I’d like to think they are celebrating the prospect of my arrival in London later this week, but alas they are celebrating the anniversary of the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 – known as Guy Fawkes Night.


The fine folks at Chicago’s Wixter Market specialize in fine fish and shipping it all over the place. Lucky for me, since I don’t like fish, Wixter Market also offers other quality items, like the awesome José Gourmet Pumpkin with Nuts Jam – perfect for late autumn entertaining.

About the José Gourmet Pumpkin with Nuts Jam available from Wixter Market:

“A jam of pumpkin and thin slices of walnut. Wonderful autumn flavors for any time of the year. Pairs very well with soft cheeses.”

Find the the José Gourmet Pumpkin with Nuts Jam from Wixter Market here.

Visit Wixter Market online here.