People say to me “why would you go to London in November?” Having been this very week a few times before, I respond with two answers: 1) It is ALWAYS a good time of year to visit London. And, 2) There are some epic events that happen each year in November. I am a little late for Guy Fawkes Night, which takes place on November 5 – where Londoners remember the infamous failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605 with bonfires and fireworks.

But I am just in time to take part in one of the greatest annual displays of British pomp – The Lord Mayor’s Show which takes place on the second Saturday of November every year to celebrate the appointment of the new Lord Mayor.

About The Lord Mayor’s Show:

“For more than 800 years the newly elected Lord Mayor of London has been rowing, riding or marching off to the distant village of Westminster to swear loyalty to the Crown and begin his or her year in office. Over the centuries that journey became known as the Lord Mayor’s Show. It has been a mediaeval carnival, a renaissance spectacle and a military parade, and now it is the longest, oldest and most splendid civic procession in the world.”

Learn more about The Lord Mayor’s Show here.