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London is full of museums. Seriously, some of the best and biggest museums in the world are here – from the great Victoria & Albert, to the Tate Britain and Tate Modern, to the spectacular British Museum – and that is just tapping the surface. I have been to many of those must-see museums, and go back to them on my various trips (heck, the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square is like a second home to me). However, there are many smaller museum gems around the city – like the charming

I just found on this trip.

About London’s Museum of Brands:

“Here is the remarkable story of how our consumer society has evolved since Victorian times. It’s a journey of discovery that puts our favourite brands into their historical context, alongside royal coronations, two world wars, man landing on the moon and right up to the computer and digital age. Laid out chronologically, the Time Tunnel reflects how daily life has been transformed by the invention of the railway, the motor car, and the aeroplane; and how entertainment has been enlivened by the arrival of cinema, radio and television. Memories are triggered by an abundance of toys and games that, since the 1950s, have reflected the most popular television programmes. Magazine covers illustrate the change in style and fashion, while colourful graphic posters connected to the product aspirations of each period.”

Visit London’s Museum of Brands on line here.

My most favorite place in all of London – Trafalgar Square, captured in this panoramic shot from my phone. There is no place I have ever been that has such a “sense of place” for me and I love taking it all in on every trip to London.