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One thing you notice right away when visiting London in mid-November is that the Christmas season is pretty much in full swing. Without the American-only holiday of Thanksgiving as a milepost to pass for permission to go all Christmas, London lights up early and it is spectacular.

Most notably London’s major shopping districts, Oxford Street, Regent Street, etc. are festooned with festive lights as far as the eye can see. It’s a pretty special scene in a city that is already pretty awesome the rest of the year.

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So imagine having a dream all your life to visit London and finally seeing Big Ben and when you get there it is covered in scaffolding? Well, that is probably the case for a lot of people these days as the iconic Westminster tower that houses Big Ben is under a multi-year renovation. For me, who loves the tower as much as anyone, is thrilled to see it being taken care of and looks at it this way – how often in the 150+ years it has been around have you gotten to see it this way?