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The fine folks at LovePop out-do themselves with their spectacular Thanksgiving Turkey Pop-Up Card:

“The front of this perfect pop up Thanksgiving Turkey card displays a handsome turkey with intricately detailed laser-cut plumage. Open the rich chocolate brown card to reveal a dapper three-dimensional turkey. Inspiration for the Thanksgiving Turkey Pop-Up Card: Pumpkin pie, football on the telly, and elastic waistbands are essential ingredients for an enjoyable Thanksgiving. The inspiration for this card is the anticipation of Thanksgiving, the only holiday where we aren’t judged for that third helping of Nana’s special whipped mashed potatoes on our plate.”

Find the Thanksgiving Turkey Pop-Up Card from LovePop here.

As it would happen, my sister and niece were in Paris the same time I was in London and I suggested we meet up for respective side trips in Lille, a French city about an hour north of Paris near the Belgian border.

For me that meant a trip on the Eurostar – the train that connects London with Continental Europe via the channel tunnel – and I was thrilled.

Eurostar trains originate at London’s St. Pancras station and the trip to Lille is about 90 minutes. Trains also run from London to Brussels and Paris and beyond.

St. Pancras is a huge train station which was recently redone and it is cool in the way that European train stations are cool. The Eurostar terminal is much like an airport – complete with passport controls and security – all of which work seamlessly.

My 6:40 a.m. train was on time and the train carriage was comfortable. The passage through the “Chunnel” was oddly unspectacular – which was good I guess as it is just another tunnel. Before I knew it we were in Calais and traveling across the French countryside.

The Eurostar arrives at Gare Lille Europe, the newer of Lille’s two stations, the other, Gare Lille Flandres, where many domestic trains arrive (including my sister and niece’s train from Paris) is just a short walk away across a plaza or through an enclosed shopping center.

So this post is all about the train to Lille – more about Lille in the coming days. However, I would recommend a visit to this under the radar gem and recommend the train (Eurostar or otherwise) to get you there.

Learn more about Eurostar here.

Learn more about visiting Lille here.