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Half Christmas Find, half Give that I Want – is the Krampus (named after the mythical Christmas demon) bike I found from the fine folks at Surly Bikes.

About the Krampus Bike from Surly Bikes:

“Several years ago, we launched the Krampus because we wanted something that was more than a mountain bike but less than a fat bike. We dubbed it a “plus bike” and set it loose on the world. It turns out, people were into it and we were absolutely tickled. Krampus changed the way many people approach trail riding. It showed people the light of how higher volume, larger diameter tires can vastly improve the ride experience. It’s also done a bang-up job dispelling the myth that big tires make you slow.”

Find the Krampus Bike from Surly Bikes here.


I loved LEGO as a boy, and received a LEGO kit in my stocking every year well into adulthood. I still have a bunch of LEGO kits that make snowmen, Santas, and other Christmas-related themes. But I never received anything like the LEGO BrickHeadz™ Mr. & Mrs. Claus I found from the fine folks at the LEGO Shop.

About the Mr. & Mrs. Claus kit from LEGO:

“Invite LEGO BrickHeadz™ 40274 Mr. & Mrs. Claus into your home for some festive fun. Check out Mr. Claus’ bobbled hat, bushy white beard, brown buckle and detachable sack, plus buildable tree and pile of gifts. Mrs. Claus has a buildable candy stick plus assorted cakes and cookie elements. Each construction character comes with a buildable collector’s baseplate with a seasonal calendar and BrickHeadz logo for easy display by the fireplace, in your office or anywhere you like.”

Find the Mr. & Mrs. Claus from LEGO here.

Visit the LEGO Shop online here.

Hopefully it will be a white Christmas which will give you plenty of opportunity to put the Yeti Snow Mold I found from the fine folks at LL Bean.

About the Yeti Snow Mold from LL Bean:

“This fun snow mold lets your kids get creative outside all winter long. It makes 18″ high molds of Yeti, the legendary snow creature thought to inhabit the Himalayas. Brighten them with food coloring or spray them with water to make frozen statues.”

Find the Yeti Snow Mold from LL Bean here.

How beautiful is this? Although perfect for Christmas, the Nordic Tea Light Trough I found from the fine folks at Uncommon Goods would be great any time of year.

About the Nordic Tea Light Trough from Uncommon Goods:

“A Scandinavian winter can be a forbidding place, with frosty nights seemingly stretching on for months. And yet they maintain a positive outlook, in part, by finding ways to cultivate a cozy, inviting atmosphere in their homes. You can do the same in any season with this Nordic-inspired tea light holder. Rather than just a single candle, it hosts a whole row of them, tucked behind the silhouetted branches of an evergreen forest of laser-cut metal. This warm, shimmering landscape makes a welcoming centerpiece for your dinner table or smorgasbord, as well as looking at home on your mantle or console table.”

Find the Nordic Tea Light Trough from Uncommon Goods here.

See all the cool offerings of Uncommon Goods here.