Seriously, you have to love a place called Fromagination – purveyors of fine cheeses of course. I fell a little more in love with them when I discovered their Artisan Cheese & Charcuterie Tray – which includes everything your need for a nice evening at home, with or without guests.

About the Artisan Cheese & Charcuterie Tray from Fromagination:

“Each of these trays are one-of-a-kind assortments specially selected for you by our cheesemongers from around Wisconsin and around the world. The ‘traditional’ assortment focuses on great well-aged versions of familiar cheeses like farmhouse cheddar and Dutch gouda. The ‘adventurous’ assortment gathers a selection of more exclusive cheeses that are at the peak of their flavor. Paired with your favorite beer or wine, these cheeses will be sure to please.  Each tray includes an assortment of breads, nuts and crackers and is accompanied by a description of the cheese selected for you. This tray includes three cheeses and three types of cured meats, paired with companions such as dried fruits, crackers, olives, nuts, and crostini.”

Find the Artisan Cheese & Charcuterie Tray from Fromagination here.

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