FF: Seeds from Italy

Dear friends of mine are off to Italy soon for an epic adventure, which has me jealous, and longing for the fine produce that various regions of Italy are known for. Well, I can settle for the next best thing – growing my own Italian produce with seeds from Franchi Seeds imported to the U.S. by the fine folks at Seeds from Italy.

About Seeds from Italy:

“Seeds from Italy was started in 2001 by Bill McKay, a dedicated gardener and cook, because he couldn’t find the Italian vegetable varieties he wanted to grow. By luck, he happened upon Franchi Seeds, Italy’s oldest family-owned seed company, which offers an extensive selection of traditional Italian varieties. Franchi didn’t have an agent in the U.S., so Bill started importing the seeds and reselling them. For the next decade, Seeds from Italy grew rapidly under Bill’s enthusiastic ownership.”

Learn more about Seeds from Italy here.

FF: The Live Hot Pepper Plants from Pepper Joe’s

Skip the seeds and go straight to the plants with the live hot pepper plants offered by the fine folks at Pepper Joe’s.

About the Live Hot Pepper Plants from Pepper Joe’s:

“High-quality Hot Pepper Plants ready to be transplanted straight into your home garden! We have many varieties of exotic pepper plants available, including Carolina Reaper Plants, Ghost Pepper Plants, and more! The easiest way to get yourself fresh hot peppers starts right here! We will have 3 different batches in 2019. The first batch will send April 8th. Batch 2 will send May 20th. Batch 3 will send July 1st!”

Find the Live Hot Pepper Plants from Pepper Joe’s here.

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