Were you to walk into my office at any given time you are likely to see a few paper airplanes lying around as my colleagues like sailing them in from time to time. Occasionally there will be a balsa wood plane, puff balls and even flying monkeys. But what I wouldn’t give for one of these to fly in my office some day: the really cool Turbo Flyer I found from the fine folks at Tait.

About the Turbo Flyer from Tait:

“Woooosh! Weeee! Turbo Flyer soars! Get your hands on all four vivid colors of these fun, easy-to-build and collectable balsa model kits for ages 8 and up. This plane is an all-new spin on a childhood classic, with thicker wood, better aerodynamics, and sustainable packaging with a purpose – keeping your plane safe when not in use and reducing warping. Better yet, each one is printed and assembled by hand. In field tests, Turbo Flyer has soared for 50 feet – and when you are finished throwing it, put it back in the cardboard case to keep it safe for your next launch.”

About the Turbo Flyer from Tait.

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