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I miss the succession of boomboxes I had in the 80’s and well into the 90’s – long after I should have been toting one around. I miss the sounds and the pure heft of them – the former being something I have yet to find with the many Bluetooth speakers I have synched to my various music streaming devices. Well, you can imagine how excited I was to find the Berlin Recycled Boombox from the fine folks at The Tot. It has the look, and it is campy fun – let’s hope it has the sound.

About the Berlin Recycled Boombox from The Tot:

“Berlin Boombox makes recyclable mobile speakers inspired by the old school ghettoblasters of the 1980s. Made from cardboard and flat packed as a DIY kit, their German engineered audio technology delivers powerful sound to your smartphone. Designed by Berlin-based designer Axel Pfaender, all parts are designed with a dedication to detail and manufactured with the greatest possible level of precision. Where possible, the brand uses recycled cardboard and focuses on minimizing electronic waste as well as unnecessary packaging.”

Find the Berlin Recycled Boombox from The Tot here.

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My dear friend Sophie is off on an Italian holiday for a couple of weeks and I am jealous. But she knows what I like and has been sending back photos – like this lovely bicycle she spotted in Rome:

It has been a while since I fan-boyed over a new salt, but I have to tell you I love the Rosemary Sea Salt I found from the fine folks at Beautiful Briny Sea.

About the Rosemary Sea Salt from Beautiful Briny Sea:

“Infinitely versatile, this batch is made with rosemary grown and gathered just a few blocks from the Beautiful Briny Sea studio. Its woodsy, herbal flavor is a perfect match for grilled meats, roasted vegetables, hearty braises, and sauces.”

Find the Rosemary Sea Salt from Beautiful Briny Sea here.

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One of the best things about living in the Kansas City metro area is the sheer number of movie theaters in the market. I heard somewhere that the KC market has the most cinema screens per capita than anywhere else in the U.S. This I can believe, as there are plenty of options within just five miles from my home.

Of course, most of the screens are at large multiplexes. KC is home to the headquarters of AMC Theatres, who have many large complexes in the area – and there are plenty of others.

But for me, it is the charming old school single screen theaters that are the best. And we are lucky enough to have few around. My favorite is the Rio (below left) in booming Old Overland Park. The Rio, part of the Fine Arts Group, hosts a variety of independent and foreign films and is a really great place to a movie.

The Rio features vintage touches like the outside box office, a cool lighted clock, old school sconces, and décor with a Brazilian flare. There is no place I’d rather be on a rainy Saturday afternoon than down front and center at the good old Rio.

Up in North Kansas City is another gem, the Screenland Armour (below right). The Armour has one big old theater which has been totally refurbished and has some cool features – like an art deco robot who controls the curtain. They have added a few smaller screening room as well where they show a hard to find indies and nostalgic oldies. The big screen usually has a major release (like currently they have Avengers: Endgame) but they also show classics and cult favorites.

These are pictures I snapped on my most recent visits to these cinema gems.

The Rio is located at 7204 W. 80th St. in charming Overland Park, KS.

The Screenland Armour is located at 408 Armour Rd. in North Kansas City, MO.

I love lemon! I love basil! And I simple adore sea salt! Which makes the Lemon and Basil with Sea Salt Soap I found from the fine folks at Freckles & Honey the perfect soap for me. Well, at least it sounds good enough to eat!

About the Lemon and Basil with Sea Salt Soap from Freckles & Honey:

“This Italian coast inspired soap is both fresh and herbaceous with detoxifying lemon peel blended with a trio of nourishing oils- olive, coconut, and avocado, and crusted with Mediterranean sea salt your skin will love.”

Find the Lemon and Basil with Sea Salt Soap from Freckles & Honey here.

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Cauliflower is having quite an extended moment right now. You can’t go anywhere without seeing something made with cauliflower – like cauliflower rice, buffalo cauliflower and even cauliflower pizza crust. Now you can make all sorts of your own cauliflower-centric dishes with The Cauliflower Cookbook by Leanne Kitchen.

About The Cauliflower Cookbook by Leanne Kitchen:

“Cauliflower, the world’s most versatile and best‑loved super vegetable, is all at once a healthy wholefood staple, a culinary fashion statement, and the key ingredient for a cozy, comforting winter dinner at Grandma’s house. (Or solo on the sofa, straight out of the pan. No judgement.) The chameleon of the vegetable world, here are seventy recipes to prove Cauli’s supreme status. Roasted to golden perfection, barbecued, stir‑fried, baked whole or in a pizza crust, and of course, the carb‑dodger’s delight, cauliflower rice.”

For the record, I have always loved cauliflower, so I am either a trendsetter or just weird.

The Cauliflower Cookbook by Leanne Kitchen is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.

Well, it is way too early to get excited about my end of summer vacation (I don’t want to rush the seasons) but I am excited to be headed back to Wellfleet on Cape Cod this year. Wellfleet is famous for its oysters. I do not care for oysters, but I love the whole culture around them. I love oyster plates, vintage painted oyster cans, and watching a skilled shucker shuck oysters. That’s probably why I am attracted to the “Shucker Snob” Oyster Shucker-Knife I found from the fine folks at Sterling Brooke.

About the “Shucker Snob” Oyster Shucker-Knife from Sterling Brooke:

“These Classic Goods with Uncompromising Standards are built with a solid white oak handle shaped for comfort and grip and stainless steel Full-Tang* blade with curved tip capable of handling the most difficult oyster shell with the greatest of ease!”

Find the “Shucker Snob” Oyster Shucker-Knife from Sterling Brooke here.

Visit Sterling Brooke online here.

I really like the look are durability of a classic enamel mug. The fine folks at United by Blue have a great collection of enamel drinkware – which all makes me very happy.

I like United by Blue’s Right to Roam Mug:

“Roam freely with durable drinkware that feels indestructible. Double-dipped enamel coated steel makes this mug an essential for dining in the wildest of wildernesses.:

Find the Right to Roam Mug from United by Blue here.

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