My Nana used to say “you’ll know when you are an adult when you have a well-seasoned cast iron skillet.” Or something like that. Well, I am way behind, so I am relieved that I have finally found the Case Iron Skillet set from the fine folks at Smithey Ironware

About the Cast-Iron Skillets from Smithey Ironware:

“Embrace the Smithey experience with our full range of cast iron skillets. This set includes our no. 8, no. 10 and no. 12 skillets, each featuring our smooth polished interior finish, heritage inspired design elements, signature helper handles and superior craftsmanship. An exceptional gift for anyone from the newlywed to the most discerning chef, these skillets are destined to be modern heirlooms in any home. Use them well.”

Find the set of Cast-Iron Skillets from Smithey Ironware here.

Visit Smithey Ironware online here.