I have said before one of the best surprises you can find on a charcuterie board is honeycomb. Honeycomb pairs perfectly with cheeses and compliments meats and fruits as well. But alas, good honeycomb is not easy to find. But all is solved, now that I have found the Pure Raw Honeycomb from the fine folks at Bear Hug Honey.

About the Pure Honeycomb from Bear Hug Honey:

“Pure, Raw Honeycomb. Does it get any more delicious? Straight from the beehive; this is as raw as it gets. Our Honeycomb Square is a sweet and delicious treat from Central Florida. Bursting with a floral flavor, our Honeycomb makes the perfect centerpiece (and conversation starter) in a Cheese and Fruit Plate.”

Find the Pure Honeycomb from Bear Hug Honey here.

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