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You asked for it and we’ve done it. Although we are a little old school and like to think Lost Cowboy is a destination to be found, we can’t ignore the call of social media. So we have started Lost Cowboy Travel on Instagram – which will be a nice companion to the long form post here.

What better way to start than while we are here in Toronto. So if you are already on Instagram – start following Lost Cowboy Travel today. If you are not on Instagram – this may be the time to start.

Start following Lost Cowboy Travel on Instagram today.


Here’s one of my signature bicycle pics – from the streets of Toronto with I St. Stephen-in-the-Fields in the background.

As on my past travels to England, Italy, France and other places, I have always loved exploring old churches. In Toronto there are many and they as an interesting contrast to the modern towers sprouting up all over the city. Yesterday, I discovered St. Stephen-in-the-Fields (below) a picturesque church right in the middle of the city.

About St. Stephen-in-the-Fields in Toronto:

“St Stephen-in-the-Fields is a small Anglican parish in downtown Toronto with a major social justice and arts ministry. Our work takes place in one of the most significant historic buildings in the city, built in 1858, and containing, among other features, strikingly beautiful stained glass windows dating from the late 19th century, and made by the leading stained glass studios in Canada.”