OK, I have discovered the greatest idea for an event ever. You know those places you can go with a bunch of friends and drink wine while learning to paint a picture – or any of the number of other similar events? Well, in Toronto, the fine folks at Lavigne & Co Design host The Charcuterie Board Workshop – where you and your mates make a charcuterie board, as in the actual board (and then get to eat some fine fare).

About The Charcuterie Board Workshop in Toronto:

“A unique experience with the industries pros. This workshop is a mix of a little class and a little dust. Start the evening off with some some wine or Perrier and tasty charcuterie while learning how to style a charcuterie board. Choose your live edge board and enter the woodworking space and try your hand at making your very own board. You will acquire some introductory woodworking skills from Lavigne & Co Design’s Founder Sarah Lavigne as she walks you through de-barking, sanding and oiling your board. At the end of the class you will leave with not only your board but the skills to style it, a jar of take home finishing oil as well as some new skills in woodworking.”

I found out about The Charcuterie Board Workshop too late to partake in one on this trip, but I am totally keeping it in mind for a future visit.

Learn more about The Charcuterie Board Workshop here.