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Well, it is way too early to get excited about my end of summer vacation (I don’t want to rush the seasons) but I am excited to be headed back to Wellfleet on Cape Cod this year. Wellfleet is famous for its oysters. I do not care for oysters, but I love the whole culture around them. I love oyster plates, vintage painted oyster cans, and watching a skilled shucker shuck oysters. That’s probably why I am attracted to the “Shucker Snob” Oyster Shucker-Knife I found from the fine folks at Sterling Brooke.

About the “Shucker Snob” Oyster Shucker-Knife from Sterling Brooke:

“These Classic Goods with Uncompromising Standards are built with a solid white oak handle shaped for comfort and grip and stainless steel Full-Tang* blade with curved tip capable of handling the most difficult oyster shell with the greatest of ease!”

Find the “Shucker Snob” Oyster Shucker-Knife from Sterling Brooke here.

Visit Sterling Brooke online here.