It’s been a while since I have geeked out on a find as much as I am going to geek out today. I am over the moon after discovering the Trafalgar Square building kit from the fine folks at LEGO® Architecture.

If you have spent any time on Lost Cowboy you will know that I love London, and in a city full of special places I love to be, Trafalgar Square is the epitome of the great city to me. So add that special place to LEGO and you make me a very happy camper.

About the Trafalgar Square building kit from LEGO® Architecture:

“Capture the essence of a historical London landmark with the LEGO® Architecture 21045 Trafalgar Square set. Named in honor of Lord Horatio Nelson following his 1805 naval victory over Napoleon, the square has since become a popular tourist attraction and preferred location for political and community gatherings. This detailed LEGO interpretation depicts the domed National Gallery complete with columned facade, Nelson’s Column flanked by 4 lions, the square’s famous fountains and 4 sculpture plinths. The sections at the rear of the National Gallery structure can be removed for access to a detailed interior with brick-built statue and paintings. Tree-lined borders, ornate lampposts, 2 London buses, 2 black cabs and a tiled baseplate depicting the square and surrounding roads complete the model. Finished with a decorative nameplate, this collectible building set delivers a highly satisfying building experience to all with an interest in architecture, travel, history and design, and makes a truly iconic centerpiece for the home or office.”

Find the Trafalgar Square building kit from LEGO® Architecture here.

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