I love exploring the collection from Reprotique, fine folks who use classic designs and production to create modern versions of old school items.

About Reprotique:

“Reprotique takes a crisp, clean, and current twist on classic design elements. Owner Susan Stanley Sprinkle draws on time-honored production techniques and designs of antiquity to create modern, unique pieces that are rooted in historically traditional elements of style.  Many of the works in the Reprotique collection are held in private collection; they are all exclusive to Reprotique. The Reprotique line is produced in Richmond, Virginia. Each Reprotique creation is individually crafted with an artisan’s commitment to quality.”

I love Reprotique’s Hound Fob (above right):

“These handcrafted medallion necklaces use imagery of artwork held in private collection, original to the Reprotique line. All imagery is double-sided. Encasement is 2″ in diameter. Suspended by an adjustable silk satin cord.”

Visit Reprotique online here.