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We are on the road again, right now in Chicago, then it’s off to New Hampshire and Boston to celebrate Independence Day and enjoy an early summer vacation. Although Lost Cowboy is a destination to be found and you can still read about our adventures here, you can keep track of us on social media as well: Lost Cowboy Travel on Instagram – the perfect companion to the long form posts here.

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We are back in the great city of Chicago for some early summer fun. Watch for Snapshots and Finds from this trip as we go back to old favorite haunts and find new joys.

FF: The Giant Round Orange Beach Towel from

It seems no matter what you do, the beach blanket or towel you have never sufficiently claims your place on the beach. Now, I have the solution – the Giant Round Orange Beach Towel I found from the fine folks at

About the Giant Round Orange Beach Towel from

“This towel is huge—like your whole crew can hang out on it with room to spare. And it’s a super cute round shape, has super cute tassels, and could easily double as a super cute picnic blanket. Did we mention that it’s super cute? Oh, because it is super cute!”

Find the Giant Round Orange Beach Towel from here.

Visit online here.

FF: The Summer Oars Cross Stitch Kit from Brika

Meanwhile, nothing says beach like a good craft kit – am I right? Here’s the perfect kit for a lazy summer day – the Summer Oars Cross Stitch Kit I found from the fine folks at Brika.

About the Summer Oars Cross Stitch Kit from Brika:

“This canoe paddle pattern takes it back to lazy days by the lake, soaking up the warm rays of the sun! This pattern is a perfect gift for your family or friends with cottages….or just for you! Handmade in Toronto. 7″ hoop. 14 count fabric.”

Find the Summer Oars Cross Stitch Kit from Brika here.

Visit Brika online here.

Every house needs a great table. The fine folks at Vermont Farm Table only make great tables, so it’s the perfect place to find just what you need to complete your home – like their Gatherer Dining Table.

About the Gatherer Dining Table from Vermont Farm Table:

“The Gatherer Dining Table is a solid wood, handcrafted beauty that ships the same day and assembles at home in just 3 easy steps using 4 bolts and 4 screws. Built to last from solid North American hardwood, premium components and traditional joinery, this is real furniture, made simple and easy.”

Find the Gatherer Dining Table from Vermont Farm Table here.

See all the fine tables and related items from Vermont Farm Table here.

Summer is often a time when people read popular detective novels. Most of these novels rely in some part on the techniques of detection we have all come to know from popular culture. However, there was a time, not that long ago, when solving crimes was not so sophisticated. The development of modern detection techniques is the focus of the wonderful (non-fiction) book: American Sherlock – Murder, Forensics, and the Birth of American CSI by Kate Winkler Dawson.

About American Sherlock – Murder, Forensics, and the Birth of American CSI by Kate Winkler Dawson:

“Berkeley, CA, 1925. A scientist’s lab filled with curiosities: beakers, microscopes, Bunsen burners and hundreds upon hundreds books; its occupant an investigator who cracked at least two thousand cases in his forty-year career. Welcome to the world of Edward Oscar Heinrich, one of America’s greatest–and first–forensic scientists: a man known in his day as the ‘American Sherlock’ for his knack of finding clues, establishing evidence, and deducing answers with a skill that seemed almost supernatural.”

Reading about Edward Oscar Heinrich and the techniques he pioneered, I have a greater appreciation for how crimes are solved and yes, what makes for a great mystery novel.

American Sherlock by Kate Winkler Dawson is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.

If you want a classy way to say thank you to someone special, consider sending them the Fornasetti “Merci” Porcelain Owl Tray I found available from the fine folks at Jung Lee.

About the “Merci” Porcelain Owl Tray from Jung Lee:

“Add luxury to your living space with this Civetta Rectangular ashtray/trinket tray from Fornasetti. Crafted from porcelain, it depicts an artistic owl in black and white against a shimmering gold coloured ground. A fabulous functional or decorative piece, it looks wonderful paired with more home accessories from Fornasetti.”

Find the “Merci” Porcelain Owl Tray from Jung Lee here.

See all the other gifts ideas and accents for your home from Jung Lee here.

I am so excited, my new fig tree is starting to grow some fruit. I can’t wait to pick some fresh figs, stuff them with Gorgonzola, wrap with prosciutto, and plop on the grill for the perfect summer treat.

The fine folks at Maine Cottage have a great collection of artworks that would look great in any summer cottage or anywhere you would like to be reminded of great summer memories.

I like Maine Cottage’s print called “Schlepping” – which brings me back to all those trips from the car to the beach.

About the Maine Cottage’s Schlepping print:

“Make every day feel like a beach day! We love the way Schlepping captures the ease of a leisurely stroll home from the shore carrying nothing more than a tote, cooler, and a couple of chairs. We’d hang this sweet scene in our foyer to serve as a gentle reminder that where we were once, we’ll be again soon. Lori Mehta uses vibrant, saturated colors and bold, expressive strokes to make everyday moments feel both energizing and soothing in your home.”

Find Maine Cottage’s Schlepping print here.

See all the great art work from Maine Cottage here.

FF: The Whiskey (watch) Collection from Original Grain

The Whiskey Watch Collection from the fine folks at Original Grain are made from wood from bourbon barrels – and they look good enough to drink. Well, at least they will make sure you are not late for cocktail hours.

About the Whiskey Collection from Original Grain:

“Our Whiskey Barrel Wood comes from Kentucky, home of america’s spirit–bourbon. these reclaimed american oak barrels were onced used to store bourbon for up to 4 years.”

Find the Whiskey Collection from Original Grain here.

See all the collections from Original Grain here.

FF: The Hours Decanter Set from Love & Victory

Meanwhile, for the more traditional, you can’t go wrong with a classic decanter set – like the Hours Decanter Set I found from the fine folks at Love & Victory.

About the Hours Decanter Set from Love & Victory:

The couple that drinks together, stays together. Absolutely the best gift for weddings and for couples period. Each set includes 1 Ours decanter (40 oz) and 2 – 8 ounce low-ball glasses with His/Hers, His/His, or Hers/Hers hand-engraved on them. Completely old-fashioned and classic. Hand engraved in the USA.”

Find the Hours Decanter Set from Love & Victory here.

Visit Love & Victory online here.