It’s been a while since I’ve made a visit to New York to see some shows. Back in the day when I lived in Boston I took the train down a few times a year to catch shows. Now living in Kansas City it is not as easy to Get to NYC not to mention it is more expensive. Which is why in recent years I have been going to Chicago to get my big city and theater fix.

The last time I sat down to plan a trip to New York to see some shows I calculated that between airfare and hotel it was actually cheaper for me to go to London – so I did.

But I have been keeping my eyes out for the perfect opportunity to get back to New York and a couple of weeks ago I found the perfect excuse. I have been dying to see the epic stage version of King Kong which has been treading the Broadway boards for several months. I thought I might try to see it this fall but I received a notice that the show was ending it’s run in August. So I jumped into action.

I had enough points for the flight to LaGuardia on Southwest and I got a relative deal on a room at the great Hudson Hotel. So the trip was on. Right now I am settling in for a long weekend of theater and other fun in the Big Apple.

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