My long-awaited late summer vacation to Cape Cod is coming up next week. There are so many things I am looking forward to doing on the trip, but there will be a lot of down time, which I hope to be spending floating around in an inflatable raft (on the calmer and less shar infested bay side of the Cape of course). If I had a little more imagination, I would have planned to purchase a float like the Stinson Float from the fine folks at The Nice Fleet.

About Stinson Float from The Nice Fleet:

“Large inflatable round float of 1,2 m (47 inches) in diameter on the motif of swimmers evoking the retro atmosphere of Stinson in California.  Ideal for brightening up and having fun in a swimming pool or for a seaside holiday.”

Find the Stinson Float from The Nice Fleet here.

Visit The Nice Fleet online here.