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I spotted this scary tree on a walk recently and thought it would make the perfect Halloween day post…

It may be too late for this year, but you might want to snap up a copy of Wicked Witches and Creepy Cats: A Halloween Postcard Book and put is away for next year. This fabulous collection of Halloween images from Halloweens more than 100 years ago are fun and a history of how Halloween used to be.

About Wicked Witches and Creepy Cats: A Halloween Postcard Book:

“Only when darkness comes does Halloween truly begin.  Night is the time for mystery, for devilry, for fright.  All manner of mysterious and sometimes frightening creatures emerge from the shadows, including the two featured in our Wicked Witches and Creepy Cats: A Halloween Postcard Book. Along with the pumpkin, the witch and her feline familiar are the most enduring symbols of All Hallows’ Eve, and thus are richly represented in the many Halloween postcards that were printed  in the picture postcard’s Golden Age (1890 to World War 1.) Our selection of 30 witch and black cat images include the mildly frightening witch, the adorable child witch, the pretty lady witch,  one rather odd witch driving a roadster and many very fine black cats.”

Wicked Witches and Creepy Cats: A Halloween Postcard Book is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.

A well-made, reusable, and completely awesome waxed canvas lunch bag? Yes, please! I am so happy I found the Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag from the fine folks at Waam Industries.

About the Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag from Waam:

“Make it. Pack it. Eat it. We all grow up, but there are some things we should never grow out of.  Packing a sack lunch is one of them. Take your midday meal with you in one of these durable and reusable lunch totes. Each tote is made of a durable cotton canvas, and waxed with our beeswax blend for all of you busy bees out there.”

Find the Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag from Waam here.

Visit Waam Industries online here.

OK, my inner Star Wars nerd is geeking out over the Star Wars collection from the fine folks at Hasbro – especially the Classic Millennium Falcon. This is not a toy! Wait, did I mention it comes complete with a Han Solo Figure?

About the Classic Millennium Falcon from Hasbro:

“Imagine launching into hyperspace with the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon, featuring hyperdrive light effects, sounds, and vibrations inspired by the iconic vehicles legendary jump through the famously dangerous Kessel Run! When kids wear their Force Link 2.0 wearable technology and pick up the 3.75-inch-included Han Solo figure (sold separately), they can activate character sounds and phrases, or pick up the Millennium Falcon escape craft to hear flying sound effects! When hyperdrive is activated, kids can blast off the panels of the vehicle to imagine Han Solo jumping the Kessel Run space route in less than 12 parsecs!”

Find the Classic Millennium Falcon from Hasbro here.

See the complete Star Wars Collection from Hasbro here,

Visit Hasbro online here.

The other day I posted about Watson Lake in Prescott, AX – a cool place I discovered on my visit there. I really like this panoramic photo I took of the setting on my phone.

Visit Watson Lake Park in Prescott online here.

The physical setting of Sedona, AZ is stunning and if all you did was go to look at the landscape then your trip would be worth it. However, over the past century or so, a pretty cool town has grown up with great resorts, restaurants, adventure activities, and some pretty great shopping at unique galleries and local shops. One of the coolest places in Sedona to spend some time (and maybe money) is Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping Village.

About Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping Village:

“Originally conceived as an artist community, Tlaquepaque is a perfect setting to witness gifted Sedona artisans absorbed in their work. It’s not uncommon to venture upon a well-known sculptor working on his or her latest piece right in one of the Tlaquepaque galleries. With over 50 specialty shops and exclusive art galleries, shopping becomes a joyful revelation of fabulous art treasures and distinctive gifts around every corner. Tlaquepaque is filled with spectacular one-of-a kind art expressions in every medium from Western and eclectic bronze sculpture, functional and traditional ceramics, breathtaking blown glass creations, contemporary and Southwestern fine art paintings, weavings, decorative arts, architectural décor pieces and stunning large format photography. Fine contemporary jewelry, designer casual wear in silks, and leathers and unusual gift items all await the Tlaquepaque visitor.”

Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping Village is located at 336 State Route 179, in gorgeous Sedona, Arizona.

I mentioned the other day that I enjoyed visiting and learning about Whiskey Row in Prescott, Arizona. Back in the day, Prescott was home to dozens of saloons, just like the kind you see in all those old westerns and I could only imagine what it was like. My interest in the topic, and in American history in general, sent me to learn more and that’s how I found Prescott’s Original Whiskey Row by Bradley G. Courtney- chock full of the stories I was hoping to find about Prescott’s most notorious days. Thanks to the Kindle version, I was able to purchase the book and read some of the best Whiskey Row stories while I was still in Prescott, which gave me an even greater appreciation for a new favorite town.

About Prescott’s Original Whiskey Row by Bradley G. Courtney:

“Some of the oldest, most notorious saloons in the American West lined the streets of Prescott’s Whiskey Row. Dating back to 1864, the remote mountain town thrived on its mining and cattle industries during the day and raised hell at night when dusty outlaws and pioneers like Virgil Earp and Doc Holliday crowded Row saloons to quench their thirsts. Whiskey Row bore witness to legendary gunfights, murders and other curious tales, like that of Baby Bell, aka Chance Cobweb Hall, known today as Arizona’s most famous saloon story. From crooked gambling operations and barroom brawls to the devastating fire of 1900, author and historian Bradley G. Courtney explores the colorful stories of Whiskey Row.”

Prescott’s Original Whiskey Row by Bradley G. Courtney is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.

OK, this is a seriously cool find, a reissue of the record – as in vinyl – of the soundtrack to It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, the perfect retro accompaniment to your Halloween party. It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown LP is available from the fine folks at Cracker Barrel.

About It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown LP from Cracker Barrel:

“One of the most desired soundtracks in the beloved collection of music from the iconic Peanuts animated TV specials, It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, is being made available for the first time ever. Featuring music by GRAMMY-winning composer/performer Vince Guaraldi, the CD and digital package offerings include a new introduction from the TV show’s executive producer Lee Mendelson and insightful liner notes by Derrick Bang, Peanuts historian and author of Vince Guaraldi at the Piano.”

Find the It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown LP from Cracker Barrel here.

I mentioned yesterday about how much I loved visiting Prescott, AZ. One of the best things I did while I was there was visit Watson Lake Park. Watson Lake is small lake with gorgeous rock formations. There is a path that circumnavigates the lake – which is awesome and can be challenging. My first day at the park I got lost on the trails – but came out OK. But I wanted to master the trails and went back a second day and I am glad I did for views like this…

Learn more about Watson Lake Park here.