I just discovered the work of folk artist Paul Flack and I am wondering why it took so long for him to come to my attention. I love his pop-art sensibility and technique which combines media and process to create “a permanence that juxtaposes its source in the fleeting world of digital images.” Something I think we need more of.

About Paul Flack:

“Paul Flack is best known as one of the leaders of the Who Ha Da-Da movement of contemporary American folk artists.  (But he’s a Yankee and despite his 30 year residency in the South he still talks funny.) His art fuses urban, suburban and rural influences and combines them with spiritual overtones to create images that are approachable, whimsical and promise possibility in spite of challenging circumstances. His work is a mash up of Warhol and Howard Finster. Flack’s artistic style entirely reflects his mosaic-like life story.”

Learn more about Paul Flack and see a portfolio of his work here: